Everyday Mindfulness

Moment by Moment specialises in running an eight week Mindfulness Now Programme. The programme is specifically designed to help with the management of stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. It aims to help improve one's quality of life and resilience to a myriad of life's experiences.  The combination of beautifully designed meditation practices seamlessly accompanied by time tested Mindfulness approaches could just be your doorway to relaxation,  inner peace and improved well-being.

Classes are for groups and also on a one-to-one basis. There are regular Mindfulness and Meditation classes, workshops and all day or weekend retreats.  Students can be provided with fully-guided meditation videos and audio recordings. In addition to that, Moment by Moment also organises Natural Mindfulness Walks.

Moment by Moment endeavours to provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to support you through your journey of developing your Mindfulness & Meditation practice. Regular support is available  from the teacher via Whatsapp , email or Messenger.  


All classes are suitable for beginners as well as those who wish to deepen an already established mindfulness practice.

Due to the current situation Tuesday evening classes with Yahra Yoga Studio are taught via Zoom and Mindful Mondays are suspended for the time being.

One-to-one sessions are still available either in person or online or combination of BOTH. 

Natural Mindfulness Walks are now BACK !! CLICK HERE for information. 




Classes, Workshops & Retreats

All classes are now online.

Tuesday Evening Mindfulness & meditation Zoom class via Yahra:
  • Every Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. for 45 minutes at £8per person, per household OR £30 for block of 5 classes
  • Booking is via Yahra Yoga Studio.
  • The Zoom classes have been a fantastic way to transcend the current social distancing situation by having the time & space to practise and learn Mindfulness & Meditation from the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • From October 2020 there is a Monthly Theme. Each theme is thoughfully chosen to reflect our current life situations and will be packed with lessons inspired by nature and the human conditions.
  • October was about Embracing Change - this has been inspired by Autumn and the ongoing uncertainty brought by the Covid 19 situation. November is about SLOWING DOWN, so each class is focussing on this theme and I will provide Mindfulness skills and meditation practices which can help us explore and learn how to slow down to balance our manic busy modern lives .
  • Please check  Yahra's website, my Instagram: @juita_mbm  ,  Facebook page: Moment by Moment or my profile: Juita Akhtar to find out what the themes for each month will be. 
  • During the class I would talk to you discuss how Mindfulness & Meditation can be applied to our daily life.   
  • I will give between 2 to 3 guided meditations which you can easily adapt and practise at a time and place of your choosing regardless of what is going on in your lives at this moment.
  • With a combination of regular practice and attending the classes, I can help you develop a "toolbox" of coping mechanisms and ways to reconnect with your body, to anchor your attention to the here & now and also to develop equanimity and discernment towards whatever experience life brings you.
  • Classes are suitable for beginners and those wishing to further develop an on-going practise
  • Please go to www.yahra.co.uk to book and pay for your space and you will receive an email with a link which you just click to join the live online class. **Please check your Junk Box if you have not received the email in your Inbox
One-to-one sessions:
  • Each session is between 1 and 2 hours; available via Skype,  other video online medium or just audio calls. In person sessions are also available or a combination of BOTH for a more effective learning experience.
  • In person sessions are Natural Mindfulness Walks where we would spend time in nature exploring and putting in practice Mindfulness and outdoor meditation.
  • All sessions are catered to suit your individual needs based on initial phone consultation.
  • I am flexible to accommodate people with busy life commitments.
  • FREE 30 minutes consultation to discuss your specific needs.
  • Minimum of 5 sessions.
  • I provide recording of bespoke guided meditations for ease of home practise.
  • Support is available in between sessions for questions and tips on how to maintain personal practice.
  • Suitable for beginners or anyone who wishes to further develop their Mindfulness and meditation practice.
  • Also available for young adults (12 years old and above), can be accompanied by care provider/parent.
  • Please get in touch to discuss your needs and preferences.
  • Webinar dates, time and venues will be announced in due course.
  • Available online via Zoom and GoogleMeet.
  • For corporate clients, care homes and schools, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Taster sessions:
  • Free taster sessions are available between 45 to 60 minutes long. These sessions will give you a good idea of what Mindfulness & Meditation is, its benefits and also a chance try some simple practices. 
  • Fantastic for corporate clients, care homes and schools.
  • Available online via Zoom or Skype
  • Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Mindfulness Now Programme:
  • A once a week, 2 hours session which runs for 8 consecutive weeks.
  • Available online via Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet or other video call platforms.
  • The content of the programme integrates elements of both MBSR (Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)
  • You will benefit from learning about mindfulness and its application into daily life. Focus will be on the mindfulness attitudes and how each attitude can help sustain your mindfulness and meditation practices.
  • I provide audio recordings of bespoke guided meditation for your  home practise.
  • This programme is available to groups and also to individuals who wish to have a more personalised session.
Outdoor Mindfulness :
  • Natural Mindfulness - an opportunity to practise Mindful Walking in nature, outdoor meditation practice and Forest Bathing.
  • In light of continuing easing of restrictions due to Covid 19 I shall resume the walks in The Cotswolds. Please read the Guidelines before booking a walk with me. 

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