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About me

My name is Juita Akhtar binti Mokhtarudin, but please call me Juita or Jude.
I was born and raised in Malaysia. I moved to live in the UK in 2003 and have fallen very much in love with the people, history, culture and sights that it is now my forever home.

I have a teaching degree and have taught in primary, secondary schools and also in further education. I also have experience working in social health care, retail, insurance claims and hospitality.

My interests include photography, cooking (and eating!), travelling, reading, going for long walks, painting, archery and I love singing and dancing. I also enjoy watching films, going to plays and stand-up comedy. 

I am inspired by the amazing works of Dr Gabor Mate, Lise Bourbeau, Dr Bruce Lipton, Kristin Neff, Rumi, Pema Chodron, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mark Williams, Louise Hay, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Lisa Nichols, Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown and Thich Nhat Hanh. The subjects of Mindfulness, trauma healing, psychology, epigenetics, energy medicine, self-compassion and Buddhist Dharma have always fascinated me and I have found them to be most relatable and effective as teachers and travel companions along my journey of healing, self-development and spirituality. 

I also have a keen interest in ancient civilizations, medieval history, Renaissance Art, astronomy, anthropology and the natural world. 

I am an accredited Mindfulness Now teacher from the Central England College and Complementary Therapy Centre in Birmingham. I teach groups and one-to-one via Zoom, Skype and in person. I am also a trained Natural Mindfulness guide.

Mindfulness and meditation are  a passion of mine for a good number of years now. What I have been learning and practising since 2015 has been a lifeline that has helped me grow through series of anxiety, bouts of depression and complex PTSD. Mindfulness and Meditation also helping pull me through the grief of losing my father in 2017 and in March 2020 when my Mother passed away quite suddenly.

All of this on top of the ongoing COVID 19 situation, life has been most testing for me (as it has been for so many of us). It is through my regular practice which has been my sanctuary, where I found solace and calm. I have been able to dig deep into my "toolbox" to remain grounded and tap into a sense of inner peace and draw strength to continue to show up for life. 

Through it all, with years of continuous learning, practising and now teaching both Mindfulness and Meditation, I am developing my own resilience to life's ups and downs. Mindfulness and Meditation have also been a gateway to learning so many other ways of living a life of peace, joy, gratitude and equanimity.

The journey has been  most tumultuous yet most rewarding. I can genuinely say that it has been LIFE CHANGING !! You can understand why I am most passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge. 

It would be an absolute honour and privilege if you would allow me to share what I have learnt as part of your journey too.
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